How to convert an unsubmitted Stock Entry into a Material Request?


  1. I create a sales order for 10x product M1 which has a BOM needing 1x item A1 and 1x item B1;

  2. Using the Production Planning Tool I create a Production Order based on the outstanding sales order;

  3. I choose Transfer Materials for Manufacture and, as expected, I get an error when I try to submit the Stock Entry. That’s fine because before I continue I must have enough raw materials in stock. So I need to go and buy some.

My question: does ERPNext help me finding out exactly what needs to be bought? If so, how? The Stock Entry does have a list of all the items and quantities I need to transfer to the WIP warehouse. But there seems to be no option to automatically convert the missing stock into Material Request (or Purchase Order).

And besides, the list in that Stock Entry reflects all the manufacturing needs, and I may already have some of the needed items so I may only need to purchase part of it.

Can someone teach me how to do this (or why it doesn’t make sense and why)?

Thanks in advance,