How to convert Old Customers and Suppliers into Multi Currency Accounts?


The multi-currency feature is indeed very good but it does not allow old suppliers/customers to be converted to multi-currency. Now I would like to know if there is a way we could change the old JV and purchase Invoices so that we could use the old suppliers and customers as per the new multi-currency feature.

I know we would need to create a separate account for each currency but since there are transactions in the old suppliers and customers in Base Currency we cannot alot the new account to them.

It would be great if somehow we could convert the old transactions to multi-currency even though manually.

@adityaduggal Simple answer, you can’t!

Ideally, you should use multi-currency for bank accounts.

Theoretically, if I do the following won’t I be able to change the supplier to use a USD account instead of INR:

  1. Convert all the Journal Vouchers which are in INR to USD (Manually).By changing them in the DB at backend.
  2. Reposting all the Purchase Invoices which are already in USD in GL again at backend DB and then via a patch.

I was hoping that old users of ERPNext could also use the multi-currency easily. I am not in favor of making new suppliers since that would create confusion as OLD obsolete suppliers/customers would also come into the new PO or PI.

Also I am unable to understand what do you mean by using multi-currency for bank accounts?

@adityaduggal You can use multi-currency for new accounts. We tired to add this it was too risky. We use all customers / suppliers in company currency and only our Paypal account in USD.