How to convert string to list and iterate in jinja2

I have made tax breakup into list of dict

[{"Item Name":"Beakers, Griffin, Low Form , with spout 100ml BOROSIL Cat. No. 1000D16","Taxable Amount":"54.60","SGST (9%) - DL":"(9.0%) 4.91","CGST (9%) - DL":"(9.0%) 4.91"},
{"Item Name":"Beakers, Griffin, Low Form , with spout 250ml BOROSIL Cat. No. 1000D21","Taxable Amount":"280.80","SGST (9%) - DL":"(9.0%) 25.27","CGST (9%) - DL":"(9.0%) 25.27"},
{"Item Name":"1000 ml Glass Beakers 1000D29 Borosil","Taxable Amount":"758.16","SGST (9%) - DL":"(9.0%) 68.23","CGST (9%) - DL":"(9.0%) 68.23"},{"Item Name":"Flasks, Erlenmeyer, Conical, Narrow Mouth 100ml BOROSIL 4980016","Taxable Amount":"720.72","SGST (9%) - DL":"(9.0%) 64.86","CGST (9%) - DL":"(9.0%) 64.86"},{"Item Name":"Flasks, Erlenmeyer, Conical, Narrow Mouth 500ml BOROSIL 4980024","Taxable Amount":"1,591.20","SGST (9%) - DL":"(9.0%) 143.21","CGST (9%) - DL":"(9.0%) 143.21"},{"Item Name":"Glass reagent Bottle 250 ml Borosil 1501021","Taxable Amount":"951.60","SGST (9%) - DL":"(9.0%) 85.64","CGST (9%) - DL":"(9.0%) 85.64"},{"Item Name":"Bottles, Reagent, Graduated With Screw Cap and Pouring Ring Borosil 1501024","Taxable Amount":"772.20","SGST (9%) - DL":"(9.0%) 69.50","CGST (9%) - DL":"(9.0%) 69.50"},{"Item Name":"Bottles, Reagent, Graduated With Screw Cap and Pouring Ring BOROSIL 1501038 ","Taxable Amount":"13,713.96","SGST (9%) - DL":"(9.0%) 1,234.26","CGST (9%) - DL":"(9.0%) 1,234.26"},{"Item Name":"Measuring Cylinder  BOROSIL 3022006 - 10 ML","Taxable Amount":"400.92","SGST (9%) - DL":"(9.0%) 36.08","CGST (9%) - DL":"(9.0%) 36.08"},{"Item Name":"Measuring Cylinder  BOROSIL 3022012 - 50 ML","Taxable Amount":"514.80","SGST (9%) - DL":"(9.0%) 46.33","CGST (9%) - DL":"(9.0%) 46.33"},{"Item Name":"Measuring cylinder, Graduated, Single Metric Scale, with Pour out, with Hexagonal Base, Class B 250ml BOROSIL 3022021","Taxable Amount":"1,090.44","SGST (9%) - DL":"(9.0%) 98.14","CGST (9%) - DL":"(9.0%) 98.14"},{"Item Name":"Measuring Cylinder 1000ml BOROSIL 3022029","Taxable Amount":"2,157.48","SGST (9%) - DL":"(9.0%) 194.17","CGST (9%) - DL":"(9.0%) 194.17"}]

How I can iterate this in jinja2?

I have tried json and list filter in jinja2, but its not working

Something like:

{% for row in item_taxes %}
   {{ row['Item Name'] }} {{ row['Taxable Amount'] }}
{% endfor %}



No, it will not work, as it will treat as string.
I checked solution and find that we need to write some custom filter.

Also frappe custom json filter return string with leading slash. Should I send pull request to add new filter dict, json and list in jinja.

Please see following image.

Finally I have made GST format as per some most common requirement.

For this, we need to add json filter in frappe.
I have created github issue for this.

Any news on this?

Have you figured this out? in v11, passing object to jinja seems not to be possible anymore. So we are planning to pass a json string instead and have it parsed in jinja template. We are doing this in script report by the way.

Maybe this helps (edited):

ah thanks! will try

Hello Team,

Look what I did.

import frappe
import json

def string_to_json(json_string):
    return json.loads(json_string)

jenv = {
    "methods": [

jinja template

{{ string_to_json(json_string) | json }}

Everything is done.

Good Luck!


Hi what does jenv represent and how does frappe interpret it in jinja?