How to copy filter values to new records

I set the Standard Filter Values
When I make a new record for the Doctype, I want to copy the values I set at the Standard filter as the default values for the new record.
Any idea on how to do this?

Use a custom script for this. Elaborate your use case, share screenshots of the exact doctypes, fields etc

I set two standard filters: Statement Date and Period
I click Add Property Monthly Rental

I want the Statement Date: May 5, 2021 and Period June 1, 2021 values of the Standard Filter copied to the new record of Property Monthly Rental, so that I only have to type one more field: Property Lease.

Ok. I solved this. Share the code here, just in case you have use cases where you want to copy the standard filter as default values of new record:

	onload: function (frm) {
		if (frm.doc.__islocal) {
			let curfilters = cur_list.filters
			for (let vi = 0; vi < curfilters.length; vi++) {
                let curfilter = curfilters[vi]				
				if (curfilter[2] === '=') {
					frm.doc[curfilter[1]] = curfilter[3]