How to crate stock entry via api using c#

Hi everyone,

I just stared to learn erpnext. I want to integrate it to my application. I was testing rest api.

I can login with rest api without problem. I also found parameters to send to erpnext to create stock entry but I cannot find which uri I must post my request to. (/api/resource/{doctype} )


to create stock entry use the following url

/api/resource/Stock Entry

Thank you so much. Where can I find list of this urls ?


There is not list for doctypes (it will be very long list :grinning:) 400+ doctypes available in ERPNext and Frappe app

To use the REST API use the url /api/resource/[doctype] just replace the [doctype] with the doctype name

/api/resource/Sales Order


Oh ok :slight_smile: so I should construct url according to that rule :slight_smile: I will try that now.