How to create a cheque number series for Bank Cheque Payments

We have Payment Bank Accounts, and the Bank gives us preprinted Cheque Books/leaves. These cheque leaves(series) start with 10001-10200 (200 cheque leaves) and another series might start from 100300 -100499 (200 cheques).

How do I capture these cheque series in the system, so when I want to pay a supplier, I will select a Bank Account and Payment type (e.g. Cheque), the next available cheque number will default.

And when this series (our the 200 cheques) are printed, the Bank will issue another set of cheque leaves. Then I will update the system with this series, and ideally system will default this series.

How do I do this in ERPNext.

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This will interest you Easier way - Accounts Payable/Payment Entry - #2 by Pawan

I am also looking for this feature, anyone who can suggest some code?

I have created a new DocType to keep track of Cheque Leaves, But don’t know how to integrate with Payment Entry.

What I need is, If the payment type is Pay and Payment Mode is Cheque then Cheque Number will be fetched from Doctype Cheque Leaf as dropdown with filters Bank Account == Company Bank Account and Cheque Status == In Hand


Hey hope you all are doing well .Did you get any solution for it.?
As i also want to calculate the leaves series number, could you be kind enough to guide.

Hey there hope you have been well. were you able to resolve the issue?