How to create a Connections for customized doctype

Hi, can somebody help me, i have created a new doctype “Job Order” and this is connected to Material Request, I wanted to have a connection like of the standard doctype so that we can know if there is already a material request created on that job order. Thank you in advance.

You can create connections that appear on the dashboard using the Linked Documents section at the bottom of your custom Job Order doctype.

You just need to specify the doctype you have linked to the Job Order, which field stores that link, and the group where you want the connection shown.

can you give an example for the group? thanks

The group description just provides a way to organize your linked documents. You can use the same group to show all your connections together, or separate them out by doctype categories if you prefer.

For instance, ERPNext groups their Item connections on the Dashboard with Buy documents together, Sell documents together, etc.