How to create a custom Desk view


For my custom application the default List-view is very limiting. I can not get multiline fields, can not have more than 4 columns, not many buttons per row, no inline editing and so on.

How would I go about defining my very own view for my doctype?
I find it hard to find resources on this.

Also Frappe seems to be related to this Datatable Project. I would like to use this in my Listview. Why is it not default? what is it’s relationship with the frappe framework?

Thank you very much for your help! :pray:t4:

Can some one please help?

DataTable is used in the Report View in Frappe Framework.

The link for Report View (ToDo) looks like this:


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Thank you @netchampfaris, you are really helpful and diligent! <3

But for my main question? How to get more control over the ListView? Is there a way?
Or how to write an own Doctype View?

Thank you very much