How to create a daily, monthly, yearly options for Tasks

I would like to know if there is a way to create an option to make a task daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly. All I see is a start date and end date. Some tasks need to be repeating through out the year or years.

Hi @Atomexx,

can you elaborate on the use case? You can use the Event to plan reoccurring events/tasks. In a project concept (a project being of limited time), a repeated task seems strange. Is it rather a process? You could also use automation to create regular tasks (could be a custom script on that task that duplicates it e.g. for weekly occurrence)…

The end users that are using it have certain maintenance tasks that need to be done weekly, biweekly, and quarterly. They setup these Tasks and were wanting an option to have the automatically set so they don’t have to do it every time. It would be nice to customize the Task the same way as the Events. Maybe I’m just looking in the wrong spot.

There are many tasks (non-project) tasks which are repeated eg.

  • monthly - utility bill payments like electricity, office rent, credit card bills, loan interest payments

  • quarterly - payments like advance income tax, quarterly appraisal

  • annually - tasks like income tax return, appraisal, increments

Any facility to add recurring tasks will be a great help.


Do you have to option for server-sided scripts? Then this is easily done…