How to create a fix number of members of a class and a fix number of course per class in Education domain?

Hi all,

I have problem setting my school using erpnext. Let me explain the situation.
The school have 6 grades
Each grade has 4 classes
Each class has a set of courses, different classes in a grade will have the same set of courses
Each class will have its own room
Each student can only admit to one class

  • For example grade 1 has 4 classes: 1A, 1B, 1C, and 1D
  • Grade 1 courses are: Math, Language, Art
    So in a day grade 1 will have a following schedule in its room
    Class 1A: Math, Language, Art
    Class 1B: Art, Math, Language
    Class 1C: Language, Art, Math
    Class 1D: Math, Language, Art

How to set up program, batch, group in ERPNext?


Hi @kafb
In this case, you can map as follows:

  • Grades = Program (Courses can be set for each program/grade)
  • Class = Student Batch Name

Now while creating the Program Enrollment for students, enroll students in the respective Program (Grade) and Student Batch (class). After creating Program Enrollment for all students, you can create the Student Group based on batch and assign them room and teachers.

hi @ManasSolanki

Thanks for your answer. I have another question about program. What is the reason to make program is equal to grade? Because in the school we have one program with different grades. If students pass its scoring in the end of year, they can be promoted to higher grade, until the last grade, and can be considered pass our program if certain condition is fulfilled.


Hi @kafb,
Currently, ERPNext Education doesn’t support the sub-program. Hence, I suggest you make Program equal to Grade. You have to manually create a custom doctype to keep the records of the passed grade in order to give final program certificate.

Another question is what the relation between batch, group, and class in my case? Where the student can only registered to one class/room with fixed schedule and fixed course.