How to create a list view-only webpage?

Hello everyone

I just log in as a student so I can see the portal created by ERPNext. Now when I go to route /lms I can see the list of programs like shown below

I can click on them and attempt quizes and courses. Now my question is where is this /lms made because I can’t see it in webpages or webforms. Now when I go to route /instructors it ust shows a list of instructors. How can I make this /instructor page like that of lms page so that the students can see the instructors with their photo and their bio.

Please help me if someone knows how to do this

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The LMS has custom webpages as well, these are located in /apps/erpnext/erpnext/www/lms/


Alternatively, you can create a custom app and put create a custom web page in your_custom_app/www/document_root_name/custom_page.html . there you can implement the custom display, for the custom logic you will have to create a controller file your_custom_app/www/document_root_name/ and add context plus data model operations.