How to create a module in a custom app


Frappe v14.21.1

I’ve created and installed a new app.
I then log on and confirm the app is available with Help > About

Screenshot from 2023-01-05 20-12-29

I then attempt to create a new module in the app with

Desk > Build > Module Def > Add Module Def > Module Name : Programming

but notice that the module can only be defined as Custom:Y which means it’s definition is persisted to the DB. On inspecting the DB I notice it is related to the Frappe app and not my custom app.

Nowhere on the form to create the module does it allow me to specify the app, eg

Screenshot from 2023-01-05 20-17-10

So, how can I define a standard module, ie Custom:N, which means it’s definition is persisted to the FS and not the DB, for a custom app?

Following steps helped for me:

  1. While bench is running, enable developer mode:

bench set-config developer_mode 1

  1. Clear cache

bench clear-cache

  1. Then restart bench (in terminal where it’s running):

bench start

App selection for module and “custom” check became available for me.

Hello @mishman. Welcome to the forum.

When you say

what do you mean with that?

Before these steps the form looks exactly like on your screenshot. Now it looks like this:

Aren’t you looking for?