How to create a New Module in ERPNext

I am new to ERPNext; however impressed with the Frappe Framework. Hence, installed Virtual box and updated to the latest version 6.13.

Would like to add a new module and searched at least for the last 2 days to understand and create one sample module. unfortunate, I don’t able to get steps to create New Module.

I have gone through and I am able to add entry into config/ and that appears under Setup => Show/Hide Modules. However, I don’t know how to create Module Def and bring icon on Desk.

However, this doesn’t have information for creating a new module / module def.

Apology if in case it is a redundant query / question. Please help.

Thank you

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Hi @velanwins
please use this link t o make an new app
when You have to create the new app at that time you have to create the Doctype and it under that the Module.

Sagar Shiragawakar
New Indictrans Technologies Pvt. Ltd,


just type new module in the awesome bar. Make sure you have developer mode 1.

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Thank you for all your inputs.

Now I was able to create. It was by mistake I didn’t login as Administrator. Hence, had the struggle to identify where/how to create.