How to create a new Website Theme?

Dear Sir,

After I have created the new Theme in the webside setting, I can’t found the “SAVE” button.
How can I create a new theme I want in this case?

Please advice.


Can you share a screenshot?


Go to Menu > Duplicate

Hi rmehta, I can’t believe the “SAVE” button was appear again after a few try. I can’t say anything at this point. Hence , I would say it was solved now. Many thanks for your response.


I have the same issue. There is no SAVE button and when I try to duplicate the standard theme I get the following error:
No permission to ‘Create’ Website Theme

Any ideas?

Same error here, sometimes the SAVE button doesn’t show up. I’ll post a SS when it happens again.


Have you found the problem ? I have exactly the same.


Not really… cause it was not happened again.

@britlog @Witton @william i think the problem is caching problem which is being resolved by frappe team soon…

if it didnt show, just click on Reload from the user menu…

if still not showing please make:

bench clear-cache

and also refresh your browser to clear cached items…

if this resolved the problem please give your feedback to advise the community

Thanks for the advise but I tried bench clear-cache already.
I have just updated to the last master branch, but the problem is still here in my production server, all is good on my development env.

Can you share a snapshot and more details ?