How to create a second row in child table

I created new docType named SampleParent & the child (BiologicalChild). When I tried to put the first child data into BiologicalChild with Postman using PUT, it succeed. I tried POST at first but although the respond were 200, it doesn’t actually create new child record.

however I noticed when I tried to insert new row into BiologicalChild using PUT again, what it did was replacing the first row in BiologicalChild. what I need is to insert multiple records into BiologicalChild (either at once or 1by1). how can I achieve this?

Input Data like this.


I did already try that. and what it does is replacing Kyle with Laxman and adding RAM. does that means every time I insert new row, I had to reinsert the previous?

You may need to create custom python method for same.

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