How to create a "service Invoice"?

Hello people,
I’m a user of erpnext system and I see only “Sales invoice”, so when I want to create a “service invoice”, it takes me back to items.
My business does not involve sales but rather service cause we are NGO and not a profit making company.
Can anyone assist how to solve this?


The major distinction in ERPNext between an goods/product and a service, is the fact that goods/products you maintain in stock, and services not.

If you setup all Items, without option “Maintain Stock” it will be understood as “Service Items”

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This link should be of some help.

Just as per max’s suggestion, you will have to be making invoices with service item (stock not maintained).

Thanks so much, it has been helpful.

though I still face challenges in receiving payments in ERPNext system, do you have any clue?