How to create a web page for render my file's data of doctype

This code is not working

@Shubham_Prabhat1 give more explanations please

I have created a doctype file in the “Holiday List” and file name is
now I want to render all the data on my web page which is in the this “updatedholiday” file

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@Shubham_Prabhat1 remove the import, the def line and the return and put the rest on the first row without tab. (from line 5 to 13) . now go back to content as HTML and use jinja to get the value for example {{}} . and then continue using html to beautify the result.

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Thank You buddy Thank You so much @bahaou

@SubhajitDey I’m glad it worked . don’t forget to mention as solution . thank you


#Web Page

#Context Script

#Set context before rendering a template. Example:

#context.project = frappe.get_doc(“Project”,

Code start from here

holiday_list = frappe.get_doc(“Holiday List”, “Updatedholidays”) =
context.total_holidays = holiday_list.total_holidays
context.from_date = holiday_list.from_date
context.to_date = holiday_list.to_date
context.weekly_off = holiday_list.weekly_off
context.holidays = holiday_list.holidays

and HTML is

Holiday List Information

Holiday List Information

Name: {{ name }}

Total Holidays: {{ total_holidays }}

From Date: {{ from_date }}

To Date: {{ to_date }}

Weekly Off: {{ weekly_off }}

    {% for holiday in holidays %}
        <li>{{ holiday.holiday_date }} - {{ holiday.description }}</li>
    {% endfor %}

can beautify as per need.