How to create an announcement

how can i create an announcement for customers?

@Dany_Carvalheiro you can create a newsletter for customers in ERPNext.
You can create a group of customers and import them in that group.

what i want is this as you can see bellow


To be able to create an Announcement in ERPNext you must have the role of an Academics User.

Seems like a good idea to have Announcement open to System User rather then Academic Role. Can you please raise a github issue for the same at Sign in to GitHub · GitHub

An announcement is meant for a student right?
How to link a student record with a user record?
I’ve created an user, and I’ve created a student with same email. The user is having student role.
Then I created an announcement for the student.
But when I login with the user account, still I can’t see the announcement.
Could you please tell us how it works?