How to create and use of `Tab Break` in Frappe page

I want to create a Frappe page with tabs, so I want to use this page to customize data in my app.
If you have any other solution please help.

It’s pretty simple to do this, you would just use the Tab Break fieldtype and any fields listed after it–before the next tab–will appear on that tab. Please note that if you don’t have any visible fields within the tab, the tab won’t appear (like a section break).

One shortcoming is that I believe the tabs always have to be at the top of the page. You can’t have some fixed fields fill up the top half of the screen, and then tabs on the bottom half. But that would be a nice feature.

Please note you need to be on a newer version of Frappe (maybe 14?); the older versions don’t support tabs.

Is that all you needed to know?

This did not work, even the page components did not show now.

What version of Frappe are you using, and can you post your doctype definition/fields so we can see why the tabs might not be showing up?