How to create delivery challan

How to create delivery challan. As I am looking for only delivery challan not for the delivery note or sales order.
There is option showing of the delivery challan but it is not complete as shown in the image below.
What changes I need to make?

What is the difference between delivery note and challan? What is your use case?

Delivery note is linked with the sales order but We want to create the delivery challan without linking any document excluding stocks.
For our internal purpose, we want this and in the print, we need the document title as delivery challan.


A doctype is already created with the name of delivery challan, but parameters are not present in it. I am attaching an image, so that you got an idea that how we can resolve this issue.
Also, there is no naming series present. But we need a naming series also.


You can create standalone delivery note, unlinked to any other document. Just open delivery note list and click on add new.

There is no Delivery Challan doctype in ERPNext, might have been created by your devs.

Suppose, I want to create the delivery challan doctype, then how can I create it?

And also, can we create the naming series of delivery challan as well?


Exactly like how you would create any other doctype. Create the doctype, add the fields, add business logic and implement the functionality.

I still don’t understand the purpose of having 2 different doctype if both of it are identical.

For setting naming series: Document Naming Settings