How to create duplicate form like Add Item form?

I would like to create a form like (add new item) form but with few different fields and on submit it will create item based on the fields on it.

Any body here who can guide me, where to start?
I have searched and someone was saying to add a new docType but I am not sure about this.

Any relevant support would be highly appreciated.


In the search bar type: DocType , choose DocType List and in the list find Item.

In Menu, upper right , you can chooses to Duplicate or Customize.

Scroll down the list of Fields to the bottom and find Add Row, you can add a field. Click on the furthest right column to edit in full screen.

I reccomend experimenting with this in a non production environment.

Thanks for your input, as per my understanding when we create a new DocType or duplicate an exisiting one, It will automatically create table in database ? Am I right or wrong ?

Basically I wants to a form, which on submit will create multiple items in one go base on the available fields data.


Well, see for yourself: Log into your frappe instance and run:

bench --site yourSiteName mysql

At the mysql prompt type:

show tables;

Then in erpnext, duplicate a table , give it a new name and save it, then run the mysql show tables command again. You should see your new DocType in the list.

Can you describe what multiple items you want to dynamically create on form submission, give an example?


Let me brief here, I need to use a form to create multiple items dynamically, item naming would be a combination on the customer initials, date and other fields.

For example:

Customer Name: John
Date: 16-01-2018
Item Name: Product_1, Product_2

On submit, two new items should be created with following names

  1. John_16-01-2018_Product_1
  2. John_16-01-2018_Product_2

Thanks for your input.

Are the items a tangible product, or a service or something like a reservation - where does the item originate and where will it be delivered to?

Maybe you can use either batch numbers or serialization , with automatic number generation based on the fields,


In this case, items are generated on customer demands whose naming is based on a structure which consist of customer name, date and few other fields.

All items are tangible infect we can call this new item as a complex master item.

In order to achieved my target I have created an another docType and its keeping data on its (new) table, which is good. Now i would like to make some entries in ‘TabItem’ table on submission of this form. Please let me know how would I achieve this.

Take a look at Custom Scripting. Doctype scripting is not something I have done myself, extensively , however there are quite a few guides and even Youtube videos that might be helpful. .