How to create employee number auto not by manual and seriers

how can create employee number auto, but should pick date of joining DATE.

eg: if a employee join 20/04/2018.

  1. then i wants to create auto employee number: EMP2004181…EMP2041182…etc.
  2. And i don’t want to show series and employee number column. how to hide this 2 column.

help me

  1. In Setup > Naming Series. Select Employee in the Select Transaction field and in the Series List for this Transaction field, fill in: EMP.DD.MM.YY. #
  2. You can hide the Series column through Customize Form

is there hide option or have to delete that column?..

i can’t see hide option

its taking present date not the DATE of Joining date. i want to take date of joining date.

help me

I can hide other field…but can’t hide eneven i check hidden box.