How to create fixed assets with loan and down payment?

I am having quite a struggle creating an asset and its associated account and tracking journal entries for the specific fixed asset.
I want to create a fixed asset item for a heavy duty truck.
I created a Fixed Asset account Transportation Equipment (child of fixed asset)
Then I created an asset category HD Trucks
Then I created a fixed Asset warehouse
Then I created a fixed asset item and selected Fixed Asset account Transportation Equipment. When I went to create the journal entries for the truck asset item I realized there is no way to tag the journal entries with the asset number or id.
so then all fixed assets in the Transportation Equipment account journal entries will be in the Transportation Equipment account and co-mingled. How do I know that any specific journal entry is for that one specific truck?
Do I need to create a specific asset account in fixed assets for that one asset?
Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.

@joellogic, you don’t need to link them both manually as the system will create each voucher on the specified date.

For more info, please, see Depreciations

In the case that you still want to do it manually here is a hint:

In the Account table in journal entry you can specify the doctype and docname that the transaction is linked with.

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