How to create Item basket Discount on erpnext

Dear all,
How to provide item as discount on making of item basket. i.e i want that the sale product like that (on purchase of 1pc x item and 2pc y item you get 1pc z item is free).

You’ll want to dig into Pricing Rule which can accommodate the flavor of discount schema you are looking for, though not every possible case. For really complex ones, you may have to write a custom script, but you should avoid that whenever possible. There is a general instinct among ERPNext developers (myself included) to think “I know how to make that work” and then there’s an independent, fragile solution for something that already exists, just maybe not with the workflow and/or terminology you were expecting.

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sorry to say that i am a new user of erpnext so i am facing such trouble. but if it need any customization i can help.

Understood. For all the complaining developers do about the code documentation, the manual (linked above) is really very complete. Asking for the right section/ idea/ manual reference is an always welcome kind of question here, because somebody else has had the same question or will have the same question in the future.