How to create Journal Entry with Employee as party - for salary

I am trying to create a journal entry for salary to a employee. All the salaries of all employees go from Cash to Salary Account. But at end of a year, i want to look at the Salary Account head ledger and figure out how much salary employee-x was paid.

So i though i will create a Journal Entry and use Party and Party Type so that i can filter the Salary Account head ledger, based on party. But i am not able to save the Journal entry(error screen attached)

Please suggest how to filter per employee.


To achieve this you can select Party Type as Employee and Party as Employee ID in Journal Entry.


Thanks @prakash_hodage .
But this is exactly what i already tried. But it gives me the “Party Type and Party is only applicable against Receivable / Payable account” error.

I am on - ERPNext: v9.1.4 (master) / Frappe Framework: v9.1.6 (master)

I opened an issue for something very similar

You can change the nature of your salary GL account to payable and then u can attach the employee to that GL

Better to create a payable first and then make payment

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Thank you @ushashmi . It worked, after i created a new account head with “payable”.

Is there any doc which provides info on the Account Head types(payable, recievable, cash, bank etc), and how are they to be used for various types of Journal entries or payments.