How to create multiple PO for different suppliers from one SO or MR

Hi All,

I am new to the system so trying to testing it at this stage.

I have a product which includes dozen items in the BOM. BOM items are supplied by various suppliers. Say i have 5 different suppliers that i need to get the BOM items. In the Item definition I have specified which item to be supplied by whom.

I expect system to be able to create 5 POs for each of the suppliers with their related items included in each of them.

At the moment it creates just one PO including everything in it.

Is there a settings that enables this breakdown automatically? If no how others are getting around this issue at the moment?



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Hi Umair,

Thanks for the link. This will do what I want for now.

I think it would be valuable feature for the system to to make say 7 POs for 7 suppliers based on the default item supplier from the MR automatically.
With the link you suggested i need to create 7 POs one by one by selecting each supplier. It also will reduce the chance of forgetting to raise PO for one or some of the suppliers.

Thanks for it anyway.