How to create multiple variant for some Attributes only


please help how can i create multiple variant items for some specific attributes

for example :
if i have three attributes ( model - size - Colour )

and i need to create multiple based on model and size only ,

as its mention : Select at least one value from each of the attributes.

it mean i must select all attributes , which is not my case ,

your model and size is basically the same thing, remove one of them maybe?

This is for example only , in real example I have more than 10 attributes each one have around 20 value


I think it isnt clear what you need. The Model will be always the same? If that is the case dont make a variation for Model

For this, you will have to create a “Single Variant”. After creating the template item, before creating the variant, select the Single Variant option as shown below.

Then, select only the attributes which are needed and click on Create.

Hope this helps.

Thanks for your help , yes you alright single variant will able to create, but it will required to repeat it for all variations, as my case will be more than 100 variant

I’m looking for multiple for saving time , instated of repeat or 100 time