How to create new custom doctype similar to quotation

Hello everyone,
I wanted to create a custom doctype similar to quotation to create a customized reports. We are using cloud, we regularly update our system. so if we remove or change something in custom doctype then our existing app should not be affected.
Please provide me steps to create custom doctype without affecting existing app.
Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Hi @Shraddha33,

You can create any type of doctype and nothing change your existing app when you update the version.
And your custom doctype goes to the database, not in the existing app.

Create a new Doctype: DocType

Thank You!

Thanks for your reply.
But in our existing app after updating our existing app. When i try to remove custom field then whole doctype is gets affected.
but can you please tell me about git?

can explain to me your system is a custom app?
Is it linked with GitHub or not?

If have a custom app in the system then you change any customization in the custom app then use bench export-fixtures to export your custom app customization and also set fixtures set in then command run it.

Thank You!

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No our system is not a custom app. We not linked it with git…
Thank you for your prompt reply

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