How to create new .json file for chart of accounts

Is there any way to create .json file for chart of accounts(i.e from accounts.csv file)?

I did it… I’ve downloaded the file, edit it, and use a lot of excel formulas to emulate the same structure… After it, dowloaded Atom text editor, and compare the downloaded file from with the excel modified one.

Pasted the excel file in a new json file, and compare both of them in Atom…

how exactly do you do that?

What, exactly?

paste an excel file into a json

(I guess what you mean is not literally copy’n’paste, but rather some sort of transformation .xlsx/.csv > .json)

I’m trying to remember… So… I believe I first rename json as csv, then open in excel, use a lot of formulas to extract and change text… then save excel as csv, rename csv to txt, open at text editor, then save as json…

But it was a long time ago (maybe 4 or 5 months…), so… I’m maybe forgetting something…

If you need, I can try replicate it… recording…

That goes for most of us and is all the more reason to note here, however brief, whatever you care to document.

Sharing that is a handy reference refresher for all to learn and apply :slight_smile:

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