How to create new route and page inside the code

Hi All
I need to create a new webpage which I supposed to create inside the code only, may I know where to create the route and how to interlink with the HTML

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Aswin Lakshmanan

@Aswin_Lakshmanan you mean a page inside your app folder ? if yes then write file.html and inside www

Thanks for your reply @bahaou
May I know how to define the route for that particular HTML and file
for example, I have/user-profile, where to define this route and how to interlink to the HTML and py file

@Aswin_Lakshmanan route is the folders and file name inside www,
in the py file write this :

def get_context(context):
    context["test"]="this is a variable"
    return context

in the html file use jinja like this {{test}}
it’s almost the same as web pages.

Thank you so much its working