How to create new sales invoice template

I want to create new invoice template and i have gone through the user manual and followed same steps but i am not able to create new invoice format please help me

By template, are you referring to a Print Format? Here is how you can create custom print formats.

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i have tried both the option but the entity which i am need of are not in customize option and standard coding i have tried to copy but editing is giving error

please share the error message. better to be very specific in the very first message, like this is what I tried, but this is the error message.

please check

as indicated in the validation message, it seems related to syntax of HTML entered, and not related to ERPNext as such.

but this is the same file i have copied from standard template and paste here.

Your line 2

{{ Invoice No }}

should be

{{ _("Invoice No") }}
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Create an a print format template for Sales Invoice in ERPNext please step by step explaine


In post #2 you will find links to the current docs

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what do i need to do to sort our this error