How to create open invoice via POS?

Hello everyone.

How can I sell in credit via POS (pay later)?

Thank you.

In new version, you can enable the credit sales in POS profile. In old version, just remove the amount from the mode of payments and submit the invoice, credit invoice will be automatically created.

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Thank you for reply.

But I can’t find the option in POS profile the enable credit sales!

What is that option please?

Thank you.

Which version you are using?

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I am using version 13

Is there any error message showing when you do credit sale in POS?

Yes, I got error message "You cannot submit order without payment."

Actually i try mode of payment bank and other options but same results.

It is create invoice if making some payment even 0.01

I don’t think you can in v13, but apparently that’s a feature in POS Awesome: POS Purchase Oder Payment form

In older versions (10, 11, &12) I could set the payment types in the “POS Profile” and they would allow credit sales.

Not sure how it works in v13


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@levi is correct, POS Awesome does have an option for Credit, i didn’t get it to work yet, getting an error, but not sure if there is something I messed up or I am just missing another option.

The link does have almost all the way at the bottom some screenshots with the new options in the POS profile that you get when installing POS Awesome.


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