How to Create Party Type

In the new version when we are entering the Voucher it is asking for Party & Party Type. Appreciate if you could please do direct me how to create this set up as this was not available in the older version.

Awaiting your earliest reply


Hopefully following link will help: Version 5 Release Notes · frappe/erpnext Wiki · GitHub

I know the thread is old but if the Bank Entry is for paying Tax then what are the Party Types … ? And these are compulsory fields. I can’t even save without specifying it.

Hi, I am still a bit confused about Party Model. If you have Party Type = Customer (Debit record), what should the Party Type be in the balance Credit record. Can you explain a bit more on how it was intended to be used ?

Is there supposed to be ‘Internal’ Party Type always ? (to balance out the Journal Entry)
And sometimes, we deal with Government with Tax, should this be a separate Party Type, and what is the Party in this case ?


In the entry for the tax payment, which account are you selecting? The system should not ask for party type and party for the entry. May be you have to unset “Account Type” in the account record, instead of “Payable” set it to blank.

Thank you, got it! So it should only apply to Payable or Receivable ?

The reason i got the problem is because it’s a custom process, Supplier helps to pay tax first so we record it by add 1 Entry of Tax and 1 Entry to Creditor Account.