How to create reminder emails

Much like having the Email Notifications - is it possible to create E-mail Reminders to specific users for specific tasks that need to be completed on a daily, weekly and monthly basis ?

Checkout Notification

That’s great. Only if it was possible for the same Task to be continuous for an undetermined time.

In our case, we have a specific standard operational task the needs a monthly reminder. This task would never end and so it doesn’t depends on all the defined events already in erpnext.

We would need an event when to trigger the notification that does not depend on value changed, save/submit/cancel or any of the others. We would need an event of time such as: remind every day/week/month

I think this is much related to the possibility of having recurring projects and tasks.


You can use auto-repeat to achieve this (on v12):

Great news.

Is v12 safe to use for an active business right now ?

What you mean by safe…

If you mean to ask if it is stable for business use then I say yes.

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Thank you felxy2ky for your imagination to reply my message haha

I upgraded last night and let’s see how it’s going to be :wink:

So it seems I cannot get an answer from anywhere. This is the 3rd topic I am writing on and even on the GitHub bug report there’s still no feedback.

I’ve tried countless different workarounds for the Auto Repeat - the error is the same: TypeError: can’t compare to unicode

Anybody has any idea how to fix this on the latest master branch of v12 ?

Maybe the function you’re requesting is not possible at the moment (I wouldn’t put it past that). It’s fair to assume that no one has implemented your requirement and as such it’s difficult to provide solutions to problems they haven’t encountered or researched on.

As a community, we provide answers to questions we have encountered ourselves and have found solutions to. But if you have a special need and would require quick response, you can ask a developer directly here: and I’m sure a developer would be able to support you in this instance and provide a solution.

I am only trying to use the basic new Auto Repeat… nothing special :-))

That’s the error I receive: TypeError: can’t compare to unicode

This issue is still active and not sure if it’s a bug or something else.

Anybody has any idea what to do ?

Continues here V12 TypeError: can't compare to unicode