How to create Sales Return, Purchase Return, Sales Refund, Purchase Refund etc?

How to create Sales Return, Purchase Return, Sales Refund, Purchase Refund etc?

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Hi @Ramgopal_Rao
Please Refer Following links for Sales and Purchase Return

Shraddha Ranjane
New Indictrans Technologies Pvt. Ltd

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1)There is no option of “is return” in purchase return or delivery note.
2) It has become read only in purchase order and sales order. I have tried to remove read only mark from customization
form, but says “You cannot unset ‘Read Only’ for field Return Against Delivery Note” as shown in figure.

When you submit ‘Purchase Receipt’ then "Return"option will be available.
and when you submit ‘Delivery Note’ then ‘Sales Return’ option will be available.

Just started using ERPNext and want to return materials sent earlier.
How to take sales return without referring to invoice.

Updated links:

thanks for updating the link.

Herein lies the answer -

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hi @intelliant0. was this implemented already? cant’ find in my module. thanks!

From what I can see in github, it has been implemented but not yet merged and released into master branch. It seems to be parked in develop branch and is pending release.

@intelliant01 Any idea when will this be released? At the interim, any advice on how are you managing the credit notes at the moment? for CN without Sales invoices

@Rodelyn no idea by when it shall be released to master. May be you should just follow the GitHub repo.

For CN without SI, luckily my implementation is still wip, but one may create accounting journal enteries and stock adjustment entries manually for returns.

Store credit can be created the same way one would create an advance payment and then that can be used to settle new invoices.

BUT, I don’t feel you will have to wait long for this to be released. Even after its release one much wanted feature will be left out - use credit note balances / store credit as payments for past and future invoices.

The standalone Credit/Debit Note will be available in V11. A new branch will be created (separate from Develop) in the upcoming weeks. It will be some time until this is fully merged into Master branch.

@intelliant01 thanks! very helpful. also, I have another concern. Some of the stocks I put in the Consumables category in the Item Group but it’s not appearing in the stock ledger or warehouse. Any input on this?

@Rodelyn Though I don’t understand your query completely, on first thought why would “consumables” ever appear in stock ledger or warehouse? A consumable doesn’t need inventory tracking. Or does it?

Updated links are:

I want to know how to create sales return without sales invoice.

Delivery Note, “Create” - “Sales Return”.


I’m having trouble while doing sales return.
I did sales return from delivery note and my stock is back to warehouse but when i do from the sales invoice it is asking for source warehouse. Now how do i do it from sales invoice to credit the amount back. Please help