How to create system default email account?

ERPNext v14.

I have been struggling for 2 days now to find the menu is referred to on this screen:

Can someone kindly assist me ?

Looks like you have not checked the enable outgoing checkbox.
For you to send emails you must enable this and configure your smtp settings.
If it not a custom email server, you can use on of the predefined service by clearing the value in email domain.

after the above step enable outgoing like below

Thank you for the reply.
Looking at your screenshot, it’s obvious that you are running a different version of frappe-bench. What version is it?
From my project, I have:

(env) [frappe@gw ~/frappe-bench]$ bench version
erpnext 14.x.x-develop
frappe 15.x.x-develop
hrms 15.0.0-dev
lms 0.0.1
payments 0.0.1

And my web UI does not show that option where you have Gmail|Sendgrid|SparkHost|Yahoo Mail||Yandex.Mail. How did you get those?
Below is what I see on my web UI:

What do I need to do so as to get something similar to yours?
I am stuck.

Replying to myself.

Never mind. These options have showed up when creating a new account. I am not sure why I did not see them when I created an Email Domain and then created a New Email Account in it, because I had to enter all server params manually.

What is the consequence of deleting the Email accounts in and then deleting that Email Domain?

No impact.

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Thank you.