How to create tree structure in script report

How can I create a tree structure report via a script report?

I know the Trial Balance report is a tree structure report but I am not able to create the same report.

can anyone explain to me this basic structure

		"formatter": erpnext.financial_statements.formatter,
		"tree": true,
		"name_field": "what_should_come_here",
		"parent_field": "what_should_come_here",
		 "initial_depth": 3

Anyone you can help??

Any Update on this ?

did you solve ?

Yes for reference please see trial balance report structure

Thanks for your reply

my case i want to build tree structure for Tasks

so in Trial balance report i found below line which responsible to create this structure

accounts, accounts_by_name, parent_children_map = filter_accounts(accounts)

how can i change it to be task not account

thanks in Advance

Adapt your report_name.js similar to this

frappe.query_reports["Report_name"] = {
	"filters": [
            fieldname: 'company',
            label: __('Company'),
            fieldtype: 'Link',
            options: 'Company',
	"treeView": true,
	"name_field": "task",
	"parent_field": "parent_task",
	"initial_depth": 2

Hey @Nader_Adel, Sorry for the late reply I was busy with other tasks.

So what I have done is

frappe.query_reports["Query Report"] = {
    "filters": [
        {}  ],
     "formatter": function (row, cell, value, columnDef, dataContext, default_formatter) {
        if (columnDef.df.fieldname == "account") {
            value = dataContext.account;
            columnDef.df.is_tree = true;

        value = default_formatter(row, cell, value, columnDef, dataContext);
        if (!dataContext.parent_account) {
            var $value = $(value).css("font-weight", "bold");
            if (dataContext.warn_if_negative && dataContext[columnDef.df.fieldname] < 0) {

            value = $value.wrap("<p></p>").parent().html();
        return value
    "tree": true,
    "name_field": "account",
    "parent_field": "parent_account",
    "initial_depth": 1

So now from the python file make dict structure like

 {'account': first_account,  'parent_account': parent_key,
                                 'indent': 0, 'has_value': True,}

If Parent has a value then children then has_value should be True otherwise False.
indent is the level how the tree structure will be shown (means with how be tabs spaces zero means no space)

I hope this solve this Query

Thanks & Regards
Rohan Jain