How to create Virtual Host or VHost in local area?

I am running ova production on vm(VirtualBox), and i open in my browser.

My question is, how to configure VHost, so other computers on my network can access nextERP in my vm

if in xampp i can open and configure on httpd.conf, but im new in linux and Nginx
can u help me? Ty

If you know the IP address of the workstation with the VM, you can just point the LAN computers’ browser to http://x.x.x.x:8000 (8000 is the default port on the production.ova - 8080 is the default for the development.ova)

@trentmu is correct. So if your work station has a LAN IP of say then other users on the LAN can connect to frappe by typing into their web browser. If your local router is setup to deliver local IP address by DHCP, Each time you restart your work station you will need to check and possibly change your IP address to what ever your router has given to your workstation. For example maybe

Make sure that you use bridged network in your VM instead of NAT. It should work . Then use the ip address. Do not put port number.