How to currency format in report print format?

How to do currency format in report print format?

my code screenshot:

Ui sceenshot:

Hi @Samsul,

Please apply it.

<!-- syntax -->
{{ row.get_formatted('your_amount_field_name') }}

<!-- your format -->
{{ row.get_formatted('recive_amount') }}

Also, check your field spell.
Then reload and check it.

Thank You!

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I try it. but I get an error:


I solved this problem…
The solved code is:

<td style="text-align: right;">{{ format_currency(row.recive_amount) }}</td>

I don’t know why not worked in your side.

Plesae check it reference:

Thank You!

Actually, I am fetching currency format problem in Report print format. That’s why get_formatted function doesn’t work, I think.