[How To] Custom Bulk Printing for pre-printed Stationery

Requirement :

  • Bulk Print ID cards on pre-printed stationery.
  • Pre-printed stationery is custom sized paper with no margins

How To :

  1. add _list.js file for the doctype to add bulk print to list menu - dignity/dignity_senior_citizen_list.js at develop · mntechnique/dignity · GitHub
  2. on click of list menu, new window is opened with REST api call
  3. use pdfkit instead of get_pdf from pdf.py to have more control over margins, paper size and other (wkhtmltopdf) options. dignity/api.py at develop · mntechnique/dignity · GitHub

thanks to @Pawan @gvrvnk


that sound excellent may you please define it step by step from scratch please thanks in advance and wishing you great day>>>