How to customisation website footer in version-12

Hello Guys,

How to customisation website footer in version-12.

Please help me


In Website Settings you can specify the data that should appear in your footer.

To change the HTML/jinja template you can create an app “my_app” and copy frappe/templates/includes/footer/ to the same directory in your app (my_app/templates/includes/footer/). Now frappe will serve your copy of the footer files instead of it’s own. You can edit whatever you like, but take care to preserve the template’s logic.

A little aside from this thread.
How to overwrite / modify html files originally not in the www or templates directory?

What do you mean by originally?

Not in this structure:

erpnext (or frappe)
|- erpnext (or frappe)
|-- templates
|-- www

because it seems that frappe/erpnext don’t pick up custom html as replace to files not in these folders (even if the customs have same hierarchy)


Can you possible frappe custom.html file overriding if add templates/include directory ?

Please give me help for this


Just as @rmeyer said…
Have you created a custom app? If you have, make folder with that structure:
then create a html file for your footer or you can also copy from frappe/templates/includes/footer/ and change it.

You also have to name the custom html file the same as the original files.