How to customize / completely modify the default email templates

Dear community,

By “default email templates”, I mean the templates stored in “frappe/templates/emails”.

Those are unaccessible through the admin interface, but it would be really nice if we could customize them.
To give you an example, I’m trying to change the “new_user.html” template in order to customize the given redirection link (the default one redirect into the website, and I want this to redirect directly into my mobile application).

It seems to be hard, because a simple HTML modification is not enough : some quoted-printable methods are used in addition to that, which modifies the link I want to have.

Some of you have some tips ?

And for those who are Frappe developers, I think that give the administrators the opportunity to customize those default email templates could be really nice, isn’t it ? :slight_smile:

Thank you a lot, and see you !

In case that helps someone and if there is no other solution, you can change the url reformating in frappe/utils/data at expand_relative_urls.

Then you can add some exceptions to url reformating like myapp://.