How to customize email to send without going through the queue when pressing send mail in LEAD

when i click send, it go to queue list and i need click send now to send email, how to custom to send now when click send without going through the queue

HI @meeeeeeeee:

Mails will be sent automatically based on scheduler configuration.
Is your scheduler active?

thanks @avc
but i can not find schedule config for email automatic sent on erpnext v15. how can i active schedule. What keyword can I search for configuration scheduler in desk? thanks so much

Hi @meeeeeeeee:

Check RQ Jobs (search in awesome bar)

Badge indicates scheduler status.

sorry for the mistake, it was sent automatically but how can i set the automatic sending time. I see that all field is read only

In another app all my jobs have failed status, how to fix this

Hi @meeeeeeeee:

Check Scheduled Job Log …
On failed one you can see specific traceback message … so you can figure out the error reason.