How to Customize filter in list view?

In every form list view, there is Filter option. How can customize that filter? In my purchase order’s list view auto filtered by status with some values, how can I change this or stop this auto filtered?



Try changing from List View to Report, it may be better suited.

@Atiq0629 I don’t believe that’s a default filter . it just saves your last one

@bahaou, No. its not saved the last one. I installed a new ERPNext, on there I saw Purchase Order’s list have this status filter set already

May I ask? Did You go to Purchase Order through Shortcuts?
where workspace shortcuts contain filters that applied when open the form.


@amadhaji found it. Thanks a lot

@amadhaji , in workspace i found the applied filter and removed it. But still the filter effected from shortcut

@amadhaji, Found the applied filter in workspace. I removed it, but filter still effect from Workspace

The Solution I know, works per user
customize workspace

or if developer_mode is enabled
then you can go to workspace list and edit Buying workspace

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so try to remove filters and go agian

@amadhaji, My Developer Mode in on. I removed code from count filter, but not effected

Clear filters then refresh and try again
if it is not worked then I don’t what to do.

Yes, after clearing the filter, its not showing in any forms. But on first load, this filter auto set. still cannot find the unset this Status filter