How to customize frontend Vue app, i..e, hrms employee self service, helpdesk

So far, I find various Vue app very handy and becoming the future of frappe, i…e HRMS Mobile App, CRM, Helpdesk created by Vue JS.

However, I find the customization quite limited comparing to Frappe Framework.

For example, I want to translate the UI to local language, or I want to remove some unused features from the screen, or do some slight modification, etc.

I do understand the limitation, but if it is were you, what will you do? I…e,

  • copy the entire frontend and start customizing (but this will lost the opportunity for the updated versions from frappe).
  • Any other way around?
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I’m curious also. If the trend is toward these separate apps vs. standard Frappe UI, I’m not sure how customization and internationalization will be handled moving forward (not to mention mobile support).

Hi @kittiu @DCRob:

There is translation system in new CRM app, using regular framework method.

Work in progress for Print designer,

As open source project … we can contribute :slight_smile:

CRM has some customize capabilities … you can add some custom fields, add action button … But for complete customization, maybe you can create a new app, using Vue+FrappeUI, or whatever you want.

I am not from Frappe team, but seems that this kind of UI will be implemented on entire framework. Then, i am pretty sure, there will be customization method as (or better than) now.

Hope this helps.

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