How to customize heat map of student using custom app?

Hi friends,
I want to customize the heat map of student doctype using custom app, but i don’t have any clue which file will be used and cannot find any code reference either.

  • I want to change colors of heatmap and want to add/remove an interaction through code, while keeping auto generated attendance interactions.
  • Also right now heat map is based on student attendance, can I change it to some thing else?



For now, this is not configurable from UI. Hope someone guides you on how to configure it. Heatmap is now part of Frappe Charts, which is a separate repo now.


Would suggest you to not get into colours, but check for the 2nd requirement only.

Thanks for reply umair.
I have see @alsum using some code to customize the heatmap here in below link:

So he is adding this text?