HEAT MAP Customize

hello all ,

is there any way to give more than five colors to heat map colors list
the following code works fine except when adding any color after the 5th it does not affect

render_heatmap: function() {
		if(!this.heatmap) {
			this.heatmap = new frappeChart.Chart("#heatmap-" + frappe.model.scrub(this.frm.doctype), {
				type: 'heatmap',
				start: new Date(moment().subtract(1, 'year').toDate()),
				countLabel: "interactions",
				discreteDomains: 0,
				colors: ['#ebedf0', '#c0ddf9', '#73b3f3', '#3886e1', '#17459e','#ff0000'],
				data: {}

			// center the heatmap
			this.heatmap_area.removeClass('hidden').find('svg').css({'margin': 'auto'});

			// message
			var heatmap_message = this.heatmap_area.find('.heatmap-message');
			if(this.data.heatmap_message) {
			} else {

Hi alsum,
I which file you are adding this code? I want to know because I also want to customize heatmap of student attendance. And i dont know where to add this code.

I was adding dashboard.js file in


but this edit in framework will effect in all heatmaps in erpsystem

Thanks for information @alsum

How we can edit dashboard (especially heatmap) for a single doctype?