How to customize quick view form

How do I add the Valuation_Rate field to the quick view form of item entry?

Check “Bold” property for the Valuation Rate field. It won’t be visible in the Customize Form though. You can directly try creating Property Setter for it.

Hello Umair, Thank you for the answer. Having set the Valuation Rate to bold, clicking New Item opens the full form instead, it does not add valuation rate to the quick entry form. Is this the expected behavior? I expected to see Valuation Rate on the Quick Entry form instead.

Hi @adam26d, there’s a limit to adding fields in the Quick entry (as it’s not scrollable), if that exceeds, the form will open as a full page form. You will have to uncheck bold for some fields that are already added in quick entry and then you will be able to see Valuation rate.

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