How to customize Report Builder default SEARCH FIELD?

HI Everyone,

I have been searching around the forum for this but haven’t really found any real solution. I know that I can create query report or script report but the fact that these reports cannot allow dynamic form entry disqualified it as a solution for my client’s requirement.

My best solution now would be to modify the reports generated by the REPORT BUILDER. However, I’m stumped to find that the Report Builder does not offer any customization of its search field :

I’ve managed to figure out that the report builder draw it’s js file from this location:

But editing this file is such a pain, bench clear-cache doesn’t work.
bench update --build doesn’t work as it will just replace the file from the frappe repository.
bench migrate doesn’t work.

only Sudo reboot now works.

Does anyone have any idea where the query build draws its default search field from ? All I need to do is just add/remove the search fields on top of a generated report…much thanks for your help.

> PS. I know the end user can use “Add Filter” to find the records they wanted, but in the point of view of a normal user, operating the report this way is too complicated, we need to provide something much simpler.

Found the solution, kindly please close this topic, thank you!