How to customize taxes print template


How can I customize the taxes and charges table print template that is on sales orders, invoices …

It has to be done within Sales Order or Invoice print format.

@KanchanChauhan I did not found how.

I modified the file /templates/print_formats/includes/taxes.html
changed to

<div class="col-xs-7 text-right"> ... description ... </div> <div class="col-xs-5 text-right"> ..... amount .... </div>

col-xs-5 to col-xs-7 for first column.
To avoid line break for longer descriptions, that column needs to be larger.

can someone describe a better way without editing a file?

Actually makes sense to have more space for description, send in a Pull Request with that change.

Ok, thank you. And if I want to change without editing a file, is it possible?
because now I have to change “Total” and “Grand Total” cols, if I want them to be aligned with charges table.

HI, can anyone help me with the template problem, its showing in vertical, i want it to be horizintal, so that it saves print area.

please reply soon